The quiet american (анализ текста)

The quiet american (анализ текста)


(G. Greene)

Chapter IV

The men looked at the water and then, as though by a word of command, all together, they looked away. For a moment I didn´t see what they had seen, but when I saw, my mind went back, I don´t know why, to the Chalet and the female impersonators and the young soldiers whistling and Pyle saying, This isn´t a bit suitable."
The canal was full of bodies: I am reminded now of an Irish stew containing too much meat. The bodies overlapped: one head, seal-grey, and anonymous as a convict with a shaven scalp stuck up out of the water like a buoy. There was no blood: I suppose it had flowed away a long time ago. II have no idea how many there were: they must have been caught in a cross-fire, trying to get back, and I suppose every man of us along the bank was thinking, "Two can play at that game." I too took my eyes away; we didn´t want to be reminded of how little we counted, how quickly, simply and anonymously death came. Even though my reason wanted the state of death, I was afraid like a virgin of the act. I would have liked death to come with due warning, so that I could prepare myself. For what I didn´t know, nor how, except by taking a look around at the little I would be leaving.

Food for thought
(на эти вопросы не обязательно отвечать, их только использовать для анализа)

I. Analyse the stylistic device used in the very first paragraph of the text
2. What implication is in the metaphor "Irish stew" What is the principle of foregrounding in the description of the victims
3.Comment on the stylistic function of simi lies in the text.
4.Divide the text in two parts thematically and analyse the main idea of each part.

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The quiet american (анализ текста)



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