Контрольная работа по английскому языку мэи

Контрольная работа по английскому языку мэи



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Задание 1.

Поставьте слова в правильном порядке, чтобы получилось повествовательное или вопросительное предложение.
have of I accountant diploma.
I have diploma of accountant

want you do anything
Do you want anything

1.pleased am you very I to meet.
2.do you Mr Smith how
3.to it of interest is especial you.
4.what on your opinion is possibility cooperation
5.would to discuss I like the terms.
Задание 2.

В каждой группе слов (или словосочетаний) три объединены общим понятием. Найдите и напишите четвёртое слово, не относящееся к ним по смыслу.

1.to be against to arrange to disagree to object
2.excuse me pardon happy sorry
3.contract agreement treaty invitation
4.pleasure question problem matter
5.price cost money sea
Задание 3.

В группе предложений лишь одно верное. Найдите и запишите его.
1.It is a great pleasure for me to inform that you can expect payments in three days.
2.It is of great pleasure to me to inform that you can expect payments in three days.
3.It is a great pleasure of me to inform that you can expect payments in three days.
4.It is a great pleasure for me inform that you can expect payments in three days.
5.It is a great pleasure for me to inform that you can expect payments at three days.

Задание 4.

Поставьте знаки препинания там, где это необходимо. Подчеркните их или выделите другим цветом.
1.Oh, Jack
2.Mr Wood we agree to join your project.
3.If you want a job you should read advertisements write letters ring people.
4.Have you received my letter of June 16 1998
5.I regret that you can’t accept my invitation.
Задание 5.

Вставьте oдин из предлогов, если это необходимо.
1.It is a reply (at, by, to) your fax.
2.Thank you (in, for, with) providing me (for, with, about) the catalogues.
3.I’ve lost your response (on, of, to) my letter (on, of, with) October 15, 1976.
4.I answered (at, on, to ) many questions, filled (with, into, in) the forms.
5.Mr White met the representatives of our firm (in, on, for) Sunday.

Задание 6.
Подберите синонимы из колонки В к словам из колонки А. Запишите их попарно, дайте перевод. Например: exit- way out – выход.

to participatethankful
inconvenienceto get
to obtainto take part in

Задание 7.

Дайте ответы на вопросы.
1.What do you say when you meet your friend
2.What do you say when you want to introduce yourself
3.How do you express your hope for a successful cooperation
4.What do you say when you are bussy and can’t accept invitation
5.What do you say when you are late

Задание 8.

В каждом предложении есть одна грамматическая ошибка (времена глагола). Найдите её и исправьте.
1.He have a diploma of an accountant.
2.We are not like the terms of the contract.
3.I am at the exibition yesterday.
4.We did not received your payment yet.
5.How do you send the letter to-morrow

Задание 9.

Вместо пропусков вставьте want, should, would, have to.

1.You …pay the bill by all means.
2.What…you like for breakfast
3.If you want to buy our goods you … look through price-lists and catalogues.
4.I am on a diet, and I …eat much vegetables.
5.It is too late. I …to go to bed.

Задание 10.

Поставьте пять вопросов к предложению (общий, специальные: к подлежащему, к определению, к обстоятельству места,- и разделительный вопрос).



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